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Laguna del Ostion

Laguna del Ostion
From: Castaneda and Contreras, 2001

Laguna del Ostion is an estuary located in the Southeast of the state of Veracruz that forms part of the Coatzacoalcos Minatitlan industrial zone. The primary vegetation of the area is composed of mangroves, savannah, non-deciduous high forest, coastal dune vegetation and “acahuales”. The physical and chemical parameters of Laguna del Ostion are governed by the predominant climate changes of the region, the low water level season lasting from February to April and the rainy season ranging from August to October. Salinity alone can range between 0.05 ppt during the rainy season and 35 ppt during low water level season, and between 1.0 and 31 ppt at the lagoon’s mouth that connects it to the Gulf of Mexico.

The lagoon hosts forty-five species, thirty-seven are fish and eight are invertebrates (six crustaceans and two molluscs). The most abundant species found in the lagoon are Diapterus sp., Eucinostomus melanopterus, Callinectes Danae and Brevoortia patronus. Among the fish population, 13.8 percent inhabit the estuary only temporarily, 8.3 percent inhabit it permanently, 55.5 percent are euryhaline and 22.2 percent are stenohaline. The primary consumers are Anchoa mitchilli, Eucinostomus gula and E. melanopterus. Oligopites saurus and Arius melanopus are the secondary consumers and Centropomus parallelus and Lutjanus apodus belong to the tertiary consumers. Subject to exploitation are the clam, snail, large oyster, sea bass, mullet, crab, shrimp and "mojarra".

Coordinates:   18.18° N  94.70° E

Selected Characteristics: (Castaneda and Contreras, 2001)
Surface Area:   13 km2
Average Salinity:   17 ppt

Castaneda L.O. and F.E. Contreras. 2001. Serie: Bibliografia Comentada sobre ecosistemas costeros mexicanos 2001. Centro de Documentacion Ecosistemas Litorales Mexicanos. Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Unidad Iztapalapa, Division C. B. S. Depto. de Hidrologia. Publicacion electronica (CD). ISBN:970-654-912-9. Mexico, D.F.

Keywords:   Lagoon, Estuary, Salinity, Mangroves, Deciduous high forest, Coastal dune vegetation, Fish

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