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Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN)

© Instituto Politécnico Nacional (14 May 2004)
The idea of creating a technical teaching system arose in 1932. The lawyer Narciso Bassols and the engineers Luis E. Erro and Carlos Vallejo Marquez, had remarkable participation in this project.

Their concepts crystallized in 1936, thanks to Senator Juan de Dios Batiz and President Lazaro Cardenas del Rio, who sought to fulfill the Mexican revolution postulates concerning education, thus giving birth to a solid house of study: the Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN).

At present the IPN offers technical high school programs, as well as undergraduate and graduate programs. It also has several research centers throughout the country. High school programs are divided into three main areas of knowledge: Engineering, mathematical and physical Sciences (ten schools); administrative and social sciences (four schools), and medical and biological sciences (two schools).

At undergraduate level it has the following areas: Engineering, mathematical and physical sciences, including computer, physics and mathematics, engineering and architecture (three), electricity and mechanical engineering (four), chemical engineering and extractive industries and textile engineering; Administrative and social sciences, including administration and commerce (two), and economy and tourism; Medical and biological sciences, including schools in biological sciences, homeopathic medicine, obstetrics and nursing, and medicine; Interdisciplinary studies, including biotechnology, engineering, administration and social sciences, engineering and advanced technologies, and health sciences.

At the graduate level, it offers courses at the following centers: Multidisciplinary center of international competitiveness (CEMCI); genomics biotechnology center (CBG); computer research center (CIC); center for research and advanced studies (CINVESTAV); center for research and computer technology development (CIDETEC); center for research in applied science and advanced technology (CICATA); economy, administrative and social research center (CIECAS); center for interdisciplinary studies and research on environment and development (CIIEMAD); research center in technology and innovation (CIITEC); interdisciplinary center on marine sciences (CICIMAR); research and digital technology development center (CITEDI); interdisciplinary center on regional integrated development (CIIDIR) in the states of Durango, Michoacan, Oaxaca and Sinaloa; and the center for the development of biotic products (CEPROBI).

Instituto Politécnico Nacional

Affiliation:   Secretaria de Educación Publica

Type of Organization:   Education

Sector:   Academia

Main Field of Focus:   Science, Technology and Engineering

Year Created:   1936

Contact Person:   Villa Rivera, Enrique

Mailing Address:
Miguel Othón Mendizábal s/n
Col. Residencial la Escalera 07738
México, D.F.
Telephone: +52 555-729-6000
Fax: +52 555-729-6001

Home Page URL:

Keywords:   Science, Technology, Graduate, Research

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Reefs, Banks & Islands
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