Summit Theme - Our Coasts, Our Future, Our Choice
We are at a pivotal moment in how we treat and manage our coastal resources. Climate change, security concerns, economic vitality, and many other forces are causing coastal communities to reevaluate the myriad interconnected interests within the coastal zone. Balancing environmental and socioeconomic goals is an extraordinarily challenging task and one made more complicated by sea-level rise, increasingly strong storms, anthropogenic impacts, and a host of emerging threats. The Summit theme will highlight where the coastal community and the ecosystems they rely upon have been, where they are now, and how to chart a path into the future. The decisions made today will reverberate throughout future generations, so they must be made with as much knowledge and foresight as possible. The Summit will provide a forum for dynamic, thoughtful, and insightful discussions to shed light on the best paths forward.

Summit Program

The Summit Program will bring together the coastal restoration and management communities for an integrated discussion to explore issues, solutions, and lessons learned in their work. The Program will address all aspects of coastal and estuarine restoration and management, in all ecosystems, at all scales, and all regions, including the Great Lakes and international locales. These topics are crucial as coastal communities pursue new, more robust strategies to effectively manage, protect, and restore their resources in a changing climate. Ensuring these resources, and the communities that rely on them, are resilient now and into the future will be a particular focus.

Abstract Proposal Submission Deadline