Surface Area
Average Depth

From Garrido (no date):Bahia de Guadiana and San Julian Marshes (1)
Location: 21°55'-22°10'N, 84°00'-84°55'W; at the western tip of Cuba between Golfo de
Guanahacabibe and Ensenada de Cortes, Pinar del Rio Province.
Area: 67,500 ha.
Altitude: 0-10 m.
Province and type: 8.39.13; 01, 07 & 08.
Site description: A complex of mangrove swamps, coastal brackish marshes, and numerous small brackish to saline lagoons along the north side of Peninsula de Guanahacabibes, around Bahia de Guadiana, and across the western tip of Cuba to Ensenada de Cortes. The principal lakes include Laguna de Lugones and Laguna del Jovero.
Principal vegetation: Mangrove swamps.
Land tenure: State owned.
Protection: Partly included in El Veral Nature Reserve, and partly in Maria la Gorda Nature
Land use: A little tourist recreation; there is a tourist camp at the west end of the peninsula.
Walerfowl: The Cuban endemic Rallus elegans ramsdeni occurs.
Other fauna: The Cuban endemics Dendroica petechia gundlachi and Agelaius assimilis occur.
Threals: No serious threats.
Criteria for inclusion: 0.