Applications of this ground-receiving station will be quite diverse. They will include a wide range of scientific applications in land, atmosphere, ice and ocean sciences, as well as more practical applications in the fields of environmental monitoring, natural hazard assessment, civil defense and defense tactical applications.

A sample list of applications includes:
Land Sciences:

  • Lithologic and vegetation mapping (EO)
  • High resolution topographic mapping (DEM generation) (SAR)
  • Surface change detection for volcano hazard assessment using interferometry (SAR)
  • Earthquake co-seismic deformation using interferometry (SAR)

Ocean Sciences:

  • Mapping of ocean color and temperature fields (EO)
  • Collection of surface wave statistics (SAR/ALT)
  • Frontal tracking (EO/SAR)
  • Mapping of surface current patterns (SAR/ALT)
  • Estimation of surface wind fields (SAR/SCAT/MW)
  • Beach and barrier island erosion (SAR)
  • River outflows/sediment resuspension (EO)
  • Biological productivity (EO)

Atmospheric Sciences:

  • Mapping of cloud statistics (EO)
  • Rainfall and water vapor estimation (MW)
  • Frontal tracking (EO)

Environmental Monitoring:

  • Pollution plume monitoring (EO/SAR)
  • Location/velocity of oil slicks, with "backtrack" capability (EO/SAR)
  • Vegetation type and health (EO)
Field of Focus
High Capability Receiving Facility for Satellite Data