The Center for Research and Development of Coastal, Ocean and port Engineering (CIDIPORT, it’s acronym in Spanish), originates from the Southern Multidisciplinary Academic Unit’s Division of Postgraduate Studies (previously School of Engineering), of the Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas in June 1985. Today it has 60 full time professors, its internal organization is based on a General Director advised by a nacional council of experts and a general project coordination.
CIDIPORT is an institution dedicated to promote and develop research projects that deal with diverse fields of knowledge such as: coastal processes, design of port, coastal and ocean infrastructure, foundations, coastal development, and marine pollution, among others. CIDIPORT also through its extension program, offers a variety of professional services to the private and governmental sector in the region.

Through the diversity of specialists within CIDIPORT and its national and international advisors, a wide range of possibilities opens to meet the needs to solve the problems and the urge of development of the region.

It also supports the postgraduate activities of the Multidisciplinary Academic Unit in the Southern area.

Field of Focus
Port, Coast and Ocean Engineering