The Coastal Education and Research Foundation [CERF] is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the advancement of the coastal sciences. The Foundation is devoted to the multi-disciplinary study of the complex problems of the coastal zone. The purpose of CERF is to help translate and interpret coastal issues for the public and to assist professional research and public information programs.The Foundation specifically supports and encourages field and laboratory studies on a local, national, and international basis. Through the medium of scientific publications, television, and radio, CERF brings accurate information to the public and coastal specialists on all aspects of coastal issues in an effort to maintain or improve the quality of shoreline resources. Because CERF is concerned with broad environmental issues, its efforts concentrate on significant problems such as maintenance of good quality (potable) water with adequate supply, and hazards associated with potential beach erosion, flooding, and susceptibility of developed shorelines to storm surge and wave attack. By focusing attention on these potential man-made and natural hazards, it is hoped that CERF's research efforts will help others improve the quality of life in diverse coastal areas. CERF thus aims to stimulate awareness of coastal (marine and fresh-water shorelines) land and water problems; initiate and foster research and innovation to promote long-term coastal productivity; establish an educational forum for the debate of contentious coastal issues; and develop new principles and approaches for enlightened coastal management, and encourage their adoption and use.

Field of Focus
Coastal Studies Research