Sirenian International, Inc., is a organization of grassroots people who share a dedication to manatee and dugong research, education and conservation through inter-cultural collaboration. We are a partnership of scientists, students, educators, conservationists and the public. We believe in the process of integrating science, education and culture to catalyze positive change in our shared environment, the coastal zone.

Our Participating Members are actively involved in sirenian research, conservation and/or education projects around the world. They share knowledge through educational outreach programs, effect change by providing scientific data to decision makers, and provide opportunities for students and local communities to participate in the field and the laboratory. Our Supporting Members provide financial support to projects and services funded by Sirenian International. An International Board of Directors governs our activities and our Scientific Advisory Council insures the scientific integrity of projects we fund.

Field of Focus
Order Sirenia: Manatees and Dugongs