Field of Focus
  • Physical Oceanography

Animal Rehabilitation Keep Director, Research Associate, Marine Science Institute, The University of Texas at Austin

In Texas, Mr. Amos has studied several aspects of near-shore and bay and estuarine processes (circulation, currents, hydrography, and tides) and has conducted a long-term study of the barrier island beaches which is now in its 21st year. To date, 2,950 separate surveys have been conducted, counting birds, people, marine debris, and measuring beach widths, dune erosion/accretion, sea temperature and salinity. In addition, over 500 separate surveys have been made specifically to assess the marine debris problem. Amos has served on a National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council Marine Board Committee on Shipborne Waste, and various EPA, MMS, and other committees on the marine debris problem. Work on the Texas beaches continues and now includes a weekly survey of a remote barrier island to search for nesting and stranded sea turtles and a study of the standing stock of marine debris on an undisturbed beach.