• M.S. in Fisheries, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., 1971
  • B.S. in Fisheries, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., 1969

Charles (“Si”) Simenstad, Research Professor at the University of Washington’s School of Aquatic and Fishery Science, is an estuarine and coastal marine ecologist and coordinator of the Wetland Ecosystem Team. Si has studied the organization and function of estuarine and coastal marine ecosystems along the Pacific Northwest coast from California to Washington, and Alaska for over forty years. His research has generally focused on the ecological processes and community dynamics that enhance the production and life history diversity of biotic communities. Specific research topics include: ecosystem-, community- and habitat-level interactions; predator-prey interactions; the structure and dynamics of food webs; estuarine ecology of juvenile Pacific salmon; and estuarine landscape ecology. Recent research emphasizes restoration and rehabilitation of coastal ecosystems, and ecological approaches to evaluating the success of coastal wetland restoration at ecosystem and landscape scales. Si holds a B.S. (1969) and M.S. (1971) from the School of Fisheries at the University of Washington.