Area of Expertise
Phylogenetic Relationships of Microscopic Algae; Dinoflagellates
  • Ph.D. University of California, San Diego, CA, USA, 1971

My laboratory is interested in several areas of botanical research. The primary focus is on the phylogenetic relationships of the microscopic algae, particularly the dinoflagellates. Research on dinoflagellates has involved ultrastructural to biochemical to molecular biological approaches. These efforts are leading to a clearer understanding of their phylogenetic position among the microalgal division as well as revealing the interrelationships among the species of this algal division. Sequencing algal rRNA and studies of their lipid composition are current approaches.

Two minor projects underway concern vascular plant biology: 1) the biology of fruit and nut trees and berries that can be grown the in states bordering the Gulf of Mexico, particularly citrus with edible peels and 2) the biology of palms, particularly those indigenous to Texas.