Area of Expertise
Harmful Algae

Dr. Landsberg is interested in identifying various species of harmful algae and determining the potential role of biotoxins that are involved in both acute and chronic mortality of aquatic organisms. She has been involved in studying the role of K. brevis in marine mammal mortality and has begun to look at the relationships between turtle strandings and red tide events. Dr. Landsberg's hope is to determine the ecological and epizootical relationships between harmful algal blooms and mortality and disease in aquatic organisms. The determination of spatial and temporal trends in red tide distribution, in relation to mortality and disease in aquatic organisms, is an important, relatively unexplored area of research.

Dr. Landsberg is also interested in the long-term effects of chronic exposure of biotoxins on public health. Potential projects include documenting the distribution of dinoflagellates in Florida waters in relation to ulcerative diseases in fish; papillomas in turtles; tumors in fish and shellfish; and investigating the pathology, disease suscepbility, or immunosuppressive effects of biotoxin exposure in aquatic organisms.