Dr. Richard Young is a North American malacologist, who specializes in cephalopod research. He is currently a Emeritus Professor of Oceanography at the University of Hawaii's School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST).

Excerpt from SOEST profile:

"My interests at present are in the evolution, systematics and functional morphology of cephalopods, and the roles cephalopods play in present and past oceanic communities. In the photo I am holding the commercially important North Pacific squid, Ommastrephes bartramii. The ecology of this squid is also one of my present research interests.

Past work on cephalopods dealt with, among other things, bioluminescence, larval ecology and the ecology of midwater animals. My most recent work on the latter was in connection with the Mesopelagic Boundary Region."

Relevant to the biota of the Gulf of Mexico, Dr. Young has published the following:

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