The Alabama Environmental Council (AEC) feels that it is a human right that all Alabamians have a clean and safe environment. The Council is mindful that for that to exist, all must do their part. AEC attempts to give voice to citizens and groups interested in protecting their rights. It will focus its efforts toward sustainable living by reducing the impact on global warming; striving for better air quality, and expanding work in recycling.

AEC originally served as an initiator and clearing-house for environmental issues in the state and will continue to participate in a now larger environmental movement. AEC is proud of the role it has had in shaping the movement in the past and is excited about continued participation in the future.

It is the mission of the AEC to protect Alabama's environment through advocacy, education and preservation. The AEC is a solution-oriented organization that encourages industries, communities and individuals to engage in responsible sustainable production and consumption. The AEC seeks to initiate action, promote leadership and provide powerful grassroots support.

AEC’s programmatic and organizational strategic goals are focused around decreasing impact on climate change, working toward better air quality and strengthening recycling through the Birmingham Recycling Center, as well as statewide recycling initiatives. These three main focus areas will essentially guide AEC’s work toward its vision and carry out its mission.

Examples include:

  • Work to improve public policy addressing decreased climate change
  • Increase awareness of Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce auto dependence and increase mass-transit options
  • Partner with presenters to do Climate Project presentations and promote AEC membership


  • Work to improve policy related to industry, communities and individuals
  • Work at reducing the number of Ozone days and Air Quality alerts state-wide and publicize daily air quality issues on the website and other media
  • Partner with other organizations to address air quality in Transportation issues
  • Advocate for decreased toxic industrial pollution
  • Identify top air polluters in Alabama


  1. Strengthen Recycling Center Operations:
    1. Find new location for Center and offices
    2. Clarify signage and promotion of center
    3. Raise additional money to totally fund its operation
  2. Recycling around the state:
    1. Update information on recycling opportunities around the state
    2. Create a template for starting municipal recycling
    3. Start creating a grassroots movement toward increased recycling
    4. Increase curbside recycling usage where available
    5. Alabama Department of Environmental Management reform compliance to meet standards for solid waste
    6. Work with Alabama Department of Transportation to recognize glass as a potential aggregate
  3. Other Recycling
    1. Encourage office-paper recycling
    2. Identify markets and enable/encourage glass recycling
    3. Create a template for event recycling
Field of Focus
Recycling, Climate Change, Clean Air