Field of Focus
  • Ecology
  • Habitat Loss
  • Hypoxia
  • Pollution
  • Restoration
Area of Expertise
Estuarine and Coastal Ecology and Management; Coastal Wetland/Seagrass Protection and Restoration; Coastal Eutrophication; Freshwater Inflow to Estuaries
  • B.S. Marine Biology, Texas A&M University, TX, USA
  • M.S. Marine Sciences, Louisiana State University, LA, USA

Retired from 40 year career in coastal environmental management including 28 years at EPA. Continuing to practice coastal and wetland environmental planning, protection, and restoration through application of my knowledge of coastal and wetland ecosystems and human efforts to plan for, protect, and restore them, or lack thereof. Interested in partnering with NGOs, the press, and research scientists. Not interested in helping business secure permits. Specific expertise in coastal Louisiana and Texas, including protection and restoration of coastal wetlands, barrier islands and barrier shorelines, seagrasses, freshwater inflow to estuaries, and water and sediment quality, especially eutrophication and dredged material testing.

Experience: Certified Senior Ecologist (emeritus), Ecological Society of America; Certified Professional Wetland Scientist (emeritus). 40 years experience in research and environmental management, northern and northwestern Gulf. 28+ years in coastal and wetland programs in EPA Region 6. Wetland regulatory program (Clean Water Act Section 404, NEPA; dredged material testing). Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act (16 years). Gulf of Mexico hypoxia (16 years). National Estuary Program, especially Galveston Bay National Estuary Program- 9+ years.

State of Texas Instream flow and freshwater inflow to estuaries- 2 years.

University research (LSU) Coastal nutrient dynamics-6 years. MS Marine Sciences, LSU, 1983. Major professor John W. Day, Jr. Other influences: James Gosselink, William Patrick, RE Turner, Irv Mendelssohn, Sherwood Gagliano, Robert Costanza.

BS Marine Biology, Texas A&M University, 1979. Influences: Donald Harper, Andy Landry, Steve Alexander, James Webb